Teaser for the Love 80s Mix - Volume 42

„The Soft Cell Special Mix“, best of Soft Cell including special remixes.

01:00 | 07.02.2021

The original Video Trailer for The Welcome To The Robots Project in 2013.

03:50 | 18.12.2013

Yazoo "Goodbye Seventies (Dark Side Extended Mix)" 1982

06:15 | 20.01.2015

The Human League „Dance Like A Star“ (Version 1 – Almost Instrumental) (1977)

1977 Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh formed the band „The Future“ in Sheffield/UK. Although „The Future“ was never signed and did not release material commercially at the time, a collection of demos from this period was released retrospectively in 2002 titled „The Golden Hour of the Future“. These tracks where recorded before the underground club hit „Being Boiled“ (1978) during the peak time of Punk and Disco.

02:22 | 11.05.2020

Trailer for the Welcome To The Robots vs. Miami Cyber Nights Party / Goldene Krone / Darmstadt / 18.04.2019

00:50 | 15.04.2019

Trailer for the Welcome To The Robots Welcome To The Robots Party / Centralstation Darmstadt / 28.12.2017

01:12 | 14.11.2017

Trailer for the Welcome To The Robots Welcome To The Robots Party / Centralstation Darmstadt / 16.03.2018

01:08 | 31.01.2018

Palais Schaumburg "Wir bauen eine neue Stadt" (1981)

Similar in spirit and geography to Der Plan, Palais Schaumburg was a German post-punk/electronic-pop band that has since become known as the launching pad for the career of cult figure Holger Hiller. The style of the Hamburg-based band was classified as Neue Deutsche Welle, and strongly characterized by their avant garde music and dadaistic attitude. The band was originally formed in 1980, featuring Timo Blunck, Holger Hiller, Thomas Fehlmann, and percussionist F.M. Einheit.

04:00 | 07.12.2017

Rhythm Controll „My House“ (Acapella) (1987)

01:57 | 04.09.2017

Liaisons Dangereuses "Etre Assis Ou Danser" (1981)

03:24 | 17.09.2017

Trailer for the Welcome To The Robots Welcome To The Robots Party / Nachtleben / Frankfurt / 30.09.2017

00:42 | 04.09.2017

A tribute to Steve Strange: “Fade To Grey (Orchestral Instrumental)” (1981)

* 28.05.1959 / † 12.02.2015

05:52 | 13.02.2015

Unknown & Three D "Beatronic" (Ghetto Blaster Mix) (1984)

04:33 | 18.01.2015

Glas "News Of The Week" (1988)

Seconds release of Logic Records (Frankfurt Germany), LOC2. Written and produced by Luca Anzilotti, Michael Münzing and Edwin Hind.

05:48 | 15.01.2015

BPM AM "Come To Me" (Vocal Version) 1988

This was one the famous lasershow tracks performed during the mystic set breaks at Frankfurt’s Dorian Gray or later at the Music-Hall. „Come To Me" was the first official release (LOC1) of Frankfurt/Germany based Logic Records, owned by Luca Anzilotti, Michael Münzing and Matthias Martinsohn. It was produced and mixed by Boris Romcevic, Marc Cassandra, Nicky Sprenger, Michael Münzing and Mike Heisel who before was the founder of the first european dance label under a major company (CBS) called Dance Pool.

06:25 | 15.01.2015

Touchdown "The Endzone" (1986)

06:43 | 09.01.2015









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