WELCOME TO THE ROBOTS is a documentation project on the history of the electronic club sounds of the early eighties in connection with the youth cultures that were consciously differentiated from one another at the time. A time when going to the club was a very exclusive event. This experience - especially the music - could not be transported, copied or shared, like everything is today. You had to experience it live.

The sound of these exclusive clubs was the model of all electronic music after that time. Related to dance music, it was the origin of what is now known as House, Trance, and Techno music. It was not produced by bands whose goals were live performances or albums, but rather by anonymous studio projects, which produced club tracks, rather than songs, on the first affordable synthesizers and computers. The goal was to create limited edition vinyl maxi-singles for the emerging DJ scene.

Outside of clubs, one was able to hear this music only through cassette copies of DJ recordings. These then spread rapidly through schoolyards. The radio did not play said tracks, and because of the limited distribution of the few produced copies, they hardly ever reached the mainstream record stores.

Also a time when the computer was a new, not easy to use tool, and not the basis for music like it is today. The good idea was the prerequisite for unique tracks. Also because things are different today, nothing has changed in music for a long time. Much sounds the same and, above all, not sustainable. WELCOME TO THE ROBOTS is not Depeche Mode, MTV, rather it penetrates the depths of the sounds of the few, but style-defining electronic clubs of the time, in which tracks from nameless music projects played for the development of techno, Love Parade and Tomorrowland were fundamental.

The idea and the realization of WELCOME TO THE ROBOTS comes from Raphael Krickow, known for being part of the internationally successful DJ duo “The Disco Boys” (1995). He witnessed this famous time as a regular at the Frankfurt clubs, i.e. the Airport Disco “Dorian Gray”. In 1986 he became a DJ in Frankfurt’s “Vogue”, later known as “Omen”. During this time, he was a music editor and wrote for various German journals. In 1990, Krickow went to Hamburg for the first DJ and Dance magazine, “Network Press”, and founded the music marketing agency “Die Konkurrenz” two years later, before focusing exclusively on “The Disco Boys” brand.

WELCOME TO THE ROBOTS was founded in 2010.

Inside Dorian Gray Club Frankfurt Germany
Welcome To The Robots Slimeline 3 Mixtape Raphael Krickow









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